Members, thank you for your understanding and patience as we improve the overall safety posture of the club.  We know these last-minute closures impact your shooting plans; however, it is important that we take this opportunity to get Free clean fill dirt.  Additionally, the contractor is providing free bulldoze work to improve the side berms.

As you are aware our location requires that we maintain the highest level of safety to ensure our continued operations.  The area around our range only continues to get developed and we need to have a strong safety infrastructure to avoid any issues.

Again, thank you for your understanding as we work to improve our Range.

In alignment with the City of Indianapolis Guidelines the Range is returned to normal operations with the following exceptions:

  • Social distancing for all events
  • The Clubhouse is closed for general use.  Limited to Staff and Sign ins if applicable
  •  Events are limited to 50 people

Each match may have additional requirements.  These will be communicated by the Match Directors if required.