Our Range

Marion County Fish and Game or Indy Range is a private, membership-based shooting club located on the West side of Indianapolis. We have approximately 35 shooting positions on the main range with backstops at 7, 25, 50, and 100 yards. We have a long history of supporting the Shooting and Hunting Community since our founding in 1907.

Besides the main range, the club also invested in two shooting bays in 2010. Each bay is about 20 yards wide and 25 yards deep. They offer an additional shooting location to the primary line when the main range is closed for an event. ┬áPlease see the “Schedule” tab for availability.

Please see the Rules page for calibers allowed on our Range

There is a straw backstop for practicing archery.


  • Cost $135.00 Annual Fee
  • One Time $50.00 Initiation Fee
  • Training Required.
  • If you join Oct – Dec, the current year Fee is waived, pay for next year only


Our principle Objectives

  • To promote a true spirit of sportsmanship among its members and among citizens of the state of Indiana
  • To aid the propagation of fish and game whenever possible
  • To promote the enactment of laws and preserve existing laws for protection of fish and game
  • To aid in preventing pollution of lakes and streams in Indiana
  • To cooperate with the duly constituted authorities in conservation programs
  • To cultivate and promote a friendly relationship between its members and the public
  • To work together for the mutual advantage of all to the end that there may be a greater quantity of wildlife available in forest, field, and water
  • To encourage and promote organized shooting sports among its members and the citizens of our community in the safe and efficient handling of firearms
  • To oppose diligently any law which would restrict the legal ownership of a firearm or one’s right to protect oneself

Our Goals

  • Promote the shooting sports in central Indiana.
  • Help our members learn safe, responsible gun handling.
  • Provide a place for shooting sports for future generations.
  • Be the best shooting club in central Indiana.
  • Encourage youth to participate in our programs.
  • Portray a positive representation of shooting sports to our community.
  • Oppose diligently any law which would restrict gun rights.