Physical Address: 7052 Crawfordsville Road, Indianapolis, Indiana 46214

Mail Address: P.O. Box 24285 Speedway, IN 46224-0285


7052 Crawfordsville Rd, Indianapolis, In 46214

Board Members

President: Marcell Watson

Vice President:  Dee Bennett

Secretary: Tony Zander

Treasurer: Anton Howard


  • Don Benkendorf, Mark Patterson, and Steve Crowder

Safety Coordinator: Dave Rogers

Contact Us

Don’t submit a Contact Form for Renewal Status. Status is available here.

 Members most range issues should be addressed during the Board Meeting (1st Tuesday of the month).  If you still have concerns, please submit the form below.  Before submitting another email, please check your spam folder, we received reports some mail hosts are marking our response email as spam. 

If you have questions about joining the club, please read the Membership Requirements Page.  The steps to join are outlined on this page to include training classes.  If the class is not listed, then it will not be accepted.