1. Training Requirements

  • There are no exceptions to these requirements
  • Complete an approved training class: List 
  • Be sure to get a signed certificate of completion from the trainer.

2. Application Process

  • Completed Membership Application: Application 
  • Read the Range Rules: Rules 
  • Completed Range Rules Quiz:Quiz 
  • Total dues for new members are $185, $135 membership dues, and $50 initial fees

3. Attend Safety Orientation

  • A Safety Orientation will be conducted at 6:00 pm First Tuesday prior to the Monthly Board Meeting .
  • No late arrivals, start time is 6:00 pm.  
  • Please make sure you pay attention and ask questions! Violations of club rules can result in suspension or revocation of memberships.

4. Attend a Board Meeting

  • Must have completed Step 3
  • First Tuesday of the month at 7:30 pm or
  • Bring Payment: $185
  • Signed Tng Certificate
  • Completed Membership Application and Quiz

5. Membership benefits

  • Membership covers the card holder and legal spouse and legal children 17 and younger
  • Card holder must supervise family or guests when they are on the range property
  • Card Holder is allowed up to 4 guests, must paid $10.00 guest fee per guest
    • Guests 17 or younger don’t pay the guest fee
  • Use of range during shooting hours (8AM to Dusk)
  • Discount on Range Sponsored Events