Renewal Process

Renewal Status


  • I didn’t renew, how do I join again?
    • You must go through the New Member Process and meet all the requirements.
    • Yes you are considered a New Member, No Exceptions.
    • New Member Process
  • When will my renewal be processed?
    • If your renewal card is in our PO Box on the 1st Monday of the month it will be processed NLT 7 days, so 2nd Monday of the Month.
    • Note: We attempt to deposit Checks weekly (we understand the concern of having uncashed checks). 
  • I emailed about my renewal and got no response
    • As noted on the Contact Page, we will not response to inquires about renewals
    • Please note the timeline above.
    • We process renewals in Bulk/Batch. 
  • I waited 2 renewal cycles and I’m still showing as not being renewed?
    • We don’t have your card.  Resubmit your renewal (see process on this page).
  • Memberships expired on the first day of the January.  
Follow the process below if you have not RECEIVED a renewal postcard by 23 Nov 2020

Members should receive renewal postcards No Later Than (NLT ) 23 Nov 2020.  Completed renewal and payment must be in our PO Box NLT 3 April 2021.  All applications for membership after the deadline will be treated as a new member. 

If you did not receive a renewal card complete the  renewal form.

  • Read the following Documents:
  • Print Renewal Form, Fill in required information, mail with payment (Check or Money Order):
    • Renewal Form :  In our PO Box NLT 3 April 2021
    • Mailing address:  P.O. Box 24285 Speedway, IN 46224-0285
  • The club is not responsible for lost mail or mis-addressed mail
    • Posting of Membership Renewal Status starts 14 Dec 2020, please don’t email asking for renewal status.
    • Your canceled Check or Money Order is your receipt of payment